My name is Dylan Fox.

I'm a UX designer specializing in virtual and augmented reality.

I believe that good design empowers its users. I aim to create inclusive virtual & augmented reality applications that enable users to communicate, innovate, and educate.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Siemens Augmented Reality for Industry

Designing the Future of Industrial Upkeep

Working with Siemens researchers, I designed & developed a front-end augmented reality interface for an infrastructure repair & maintenance tool over the course of an 11 week internship.

AR for VIPs

Augmented Reality for Visually Impaired People

Enabling blind people to use augmented reality to gain useful information about their environment.

UC Berkeley capstone research for Masterse of Information Management & Systems program.

3D Element Selection in Virtual Reality

Showing VR is the place to be for CAD

Leading a team of graduate and undergraduate students, we designed and prototyped a tool for selecting elements of a 3D object in VR and tested against a 2D CAD program.

Published in Human Computer Interaction International 2018.

Media Applications

From 2013 to 2017, I worked at design consultancies specializing in multi-platform video on demand applications. These projects taught me how to work with brands in order to showcase brand values and content, and how to advocate for good design from requirements to release. Via Behance

More Projects

My undergraduate years at UC Berkeley gave me a chance to learn design fundamentals and have some fun expressing mechanical creativity.

What I Do

Usability Detective

“Data! Data! Data! I cannot make bricks without clay.”
-Sherlock Holmes

I listen, research, and conduct usability tests to understand your users and root out where and why they have trouble using your service.

UX Architect

“We shape our buildings, [then] our buildings shape us.”
-Winston Churchill

I create information architectures, wireframes, and interfaces that ensure your service makes sense to users and supports their needs.

How I Design

1. Listen

Understand the needs and constraints of your stakeholders.

2. Research

Learn the competitive landscape and past approaches.

3. Ideate

Brainstorm solutions that fit the criteria.

4. Prototype

Refine a solution and create a testable version.

5. Test

Find flawed assumptions and room for improvement.

6. Repeat

Continue refining and testing until satisfactory.

Who I Am

Dylan Fox

My name is Dylan Robert Fox. I'm a professional UX designer and published researcher focusing on the design of virtual and augmented reality. I'm currently finishing a master's degree in Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley's School of Information.

I'm passionate about matching the capabilities of new technologies to users' real-world needs, so if you're in Oakland and want to discuss the next big idea, drop me a line!

Email: dylan@drfoxdesign.com
Phone: 510-764-3699
Twitter: @UsabilityFox
Blog: Medium
LinkedIn: DylanRFox
Resume (PDF)