Galactic Senate

Reaching consensus among large groups is difficult at the best of times, and doing so remotely is nearly impossible with 2D technology. But virtual reality can capture what videoconferencing cannot: body language, group dynamics, shared tools, and the ability to switch between large and small groups to accomplish the divergence and convergence necessary for group consensus.

In this presentation, we lay out the basic design for a 'Galactic Senate' VR application that would enable large groups of people from around the world to come together for moderate debates and group caucuses. 

I worked on this presentation as part of my Applied Behavioral Economics class at UC Berkeley's School of Information. I contributed graphic design for the slideshow, content and coverage of slides 10-14 on VR's strengths, and various other imagery. Credit to teammates Alyssa Li, Lily Lin, Shannon Herline, and Takara Satone for the rest.